The Wedding Bells – Part 16 (Flash fiction chain # 6 )


Once again, a group of writers from different parts of the globe join forces to create one linear adventure. The theme this time? Love.

The photograph above serves as the inspirational theme for the 6th Flash Fiction Chain hosted by Jithin of ProTraBlogger. Give his beautiful site a visit and feast your eyes on the inspirational photos or read about his exciting adventures.

A comprehensive list of important characters in the story:


  • Anna Brighton- 32 year old CEO who owns and runs a publishing company
  • Alex Burns – well established author, Anna’s ex, Toby Blackwell’s cousin
  • Toby Blackwell – co-owns the Blackwell estate, Alex’s cousin

Other characters:

  • Jenny- Anna’s secretary
  • Melissa Doyle –the bride, Anna’s dear friend
  • Harrison – Melissa’s fiance.


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Ok, onto the next part…

Part 16

Anna stared at the limp body of Tobias. How could this happen? she found herself thinking. She looked up at Alex, his pale face a picture of emotion. She could feel him gulp from this far, and yet it all seemed somehow forced. Did he actually care?

Alex walked over and crouched down next to her, putting an arm across her shoulders and pulling her in tightly for an embrace. She dropped her head to one side and nestled into him, trying to digest the gravity of what was happening.

“AAAARGH!” cried Toby so loud both Alex and Anna jumped back. Alex flinched so hard he clattered into the coffee table and had to act quickly to avoid an antique vase falling to the floor.

Toby rose to his feet in fits of laughter, doubled over as he choked on the chuckle. Anna was frozen in part anger, part shock.

“You absolute piece of shit… how dare you trick us like this!” said Alex as he stood firm again and tried to regain some composure.

Toby handed the maid a crisp £50 note and offered her his thanks. She turned to leave and made sure not to catch the eyes of Alex or Anna. Something about the maid’s nervous energy made Anna uncomfortable, but she couldn’t explain why.

“Look on the bright side – I bet you’re not so angry about what you saw in the room earlier?” said Toby, still chuckling to himself.

“You sure know how to put things in perspective,” said Anna through gritted teeth. “Come on Alex, lets go.”

Alex held Toby’s stare a little longer than he needed to, then turned to follow Anna from the room.

Toby dipped his finger through the ‘blood’ on his chest and licked it. “Hmm, I love jam,” he said to himself. It was then that he noticed the arrow with the love heart-tip. “Where did this come from?” said Toby aloud as he started to feel dizzy. “Guys wait, come back,” he called, but by then the room was empty.


Anna was furious, stomping heavily down the corridor. Alex followed closely behind, trying hard to keep pace. He was calling after her, but she seemed adamant she wasn’t going to turn.

“Anna,” he cried again. “ANNA!”

Finally she stopped, without turning. She was breathing so heavily her whole body convulsed with every intake of air. He walked round to stand in front of her and placed a hand on each arm, holding her gently but firmly.

She looked up and met his eyes. There were tears, building in size and waiting to roll down the slopes of her cheeks. Alex dabbed them away with his thumbs and pulled her in for an embrace. She didn’t fight back, merely responding to each movement from him with reciprocation. As he pulled away to look back into her eyes he saw they were bright again with happiness. She pulled him in and kissed him deeply and passionately.

Alex pulled away and looked in her eyes. She really was happy, too happy. He could feel a pain in his back, her embrace was so strong, so tight. He couldn’t pull away for long.

“Alex, I love you!” she cried before pulling him in again. This was so unlike her. They hadn’t been passionate people, even as a couple. Their love was built on respect and admiration by the end, never lust nor impulse. That was the mark of their youth, something he had assumed was consigned to the past. Her eyes, something about her eyes. Why had he fallen in love with her? That’s right, he loved her sad and thoughtful eyes. He wanted to cure that sadness, and for a time he’d felt that he had. She was always so ‘elsewhere’, never in the moment, her mind wandering off and never present. Her melancholy was her sweet charm, and it’s depths of feeling and affection were where he found himself hooked on her.

Where was this happiness coming from?

He pulled away from the powerful pull of her kiss, and held a hand on the side of her face. “Anna,” he said, “you know I still love you too.” He was looking deep into her eyes, trying to find that sadness, that sweetness, and he could see it, distant and flickering. She pulled him in to kiss again, and this time he stopped his urge to fight. He succumbed to her warmth, her grip and suction. They were clasped in a caress, moments melting away. He felt his arms run riot across her body, wanting desperately to touch every part.

It had always been an acquired beauty; never obvious but always worth looking for. She always tried so hard to hide it, never wanting to hide behind her natural beauty like her friends such as Mel. She had almost wanted you to struggle to see it, like only the truly worthy would notice. It was like squinting in the dark, and he had wondered as a younger man whether her beauty even existed in a classic sense, but he’d always reached the same conclusion; a few seconds in her company and the warmth from within permeated the air and enveloped him, forcing impulses and emotions he had never expected. It was happening now. Fireworks, dancing, screams and steam, the sizzle and pop of fresh love, of teenage lust, of stolen kisses. He rubbed his hands in appreciation along her back, chasing her curves. Where had these emotions been hiding all these years?

Then he felt a prick, and pulled himself away from the embrace. He held his hand up to look at his finger. There was no cut. He looked over her shoulder down her back, searching for the source of the feeling. He saw a glisten amongst the fabric of her shirt.

“What is it?” asked Anna.

Alex wasn’t sure as he gripped it between thumb and forefinger. He plucked it from the clothing and held it up between them both.

“Is that, is that an arrow?” asked Anna.

Alex’s face grimaced in perplexity.

He looked around the room, and off down the corridor over Anna’s shoulder he saw Sara, the flower girl, duck into a doorway and disappear.

Stay tuned for part 17 by Dr. Ko

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